Mystic Star Kiteboarding Waist/Seat Harness


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In Color Black, Size Small Only

The Mystic Star Kitesurfing Waist-Seat Harness has all the technological aspects of Mystics top of the range harnesses yet at an affordable price.

The Mystic Star Kite Waist/Seat Harness has a triple padding construction, 3D contoured interior and elasticated waist closure creating great comfort for the rider, but at the same time allows the Harness to move in sync with the rider, therefore allowing the rider to change their style of riding to suit the conditions.

The Mystic Star Kite Waist-Seat Harness also features the unique Spreader Down System that stops the spreader bar to raise and dig into the rider’s ribs, creating discomfort and even injury.

The Mystic Star Kite Waist/Seat version also includes the Reverse Force Seat Part – to ensure that riding up of the seatpart will not happen. This is an unique feature straight out of Mystic’s HKT analysis. If the seat part is pulled up – it’s pulled down at the same time so it stays where it should be.

Mystic Philosophy:
Mystic’s harness philosophy is clear. Based on up to date analysis they set their goals on excellent freedom of movement and harness construction. To ensure ‘comfort’ is the foundation on which their Kinetic Technology is build. Analyses of forces and movements play the main role in Mystic design philosophy and the results are an essential contribution to their designs. The information to come up with progressive designs on Harness construction, freedom of movement and load distribution and use of teamriders to monitor the constant development in the sport of kitesurfing, allows them to be ahead of the game!


  • Spreader protector
  • Double power leash ring
  • Battle belt waist closure
  • Kinetic back support
  • 3D contoured neoprene interior
  • Triple padding construction
  • Internal force frame
  • Anti riding up print
  • Spreader down system ‘Waist’
  • Heavy duty seat part
  • Kite spreader
  • Soft edge



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