Bern Watts H20 Water Kiteboarding Hard Hat with Ear Pads


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This helmet comes with ear pads


Best Quality & More Comfortable Than the Other Brands!
Use One Hard Hat for Kitesurfing, Landkiting & Snowkiting
(with optional Knit Liner)


The Bern Watts H2O Hard Hat has roots in skate, but when a comfortable soft neoprene covered EVA liner was added to the lid, it became a top choice for Kiters, Wakeboarders and Yakkers.  Brock Foam won’t sponge up water.  It breathes and you stay dry without sacrificing impact protection.  Bern Hard Hats are endorsed by top wake athletes Chad Sharpe, Mike Ennen and Silas Thurman.


Bern H2O Head Protection meets CE 1385 standards for water sports.


Head Protection Construction: Bern’s philosophy about head protection is simple… no two heads are alike. Bern has strived to offer a wide variety of products that fit heads of all shapes and sizes, for all different sports in every season of the year. Whoever you are, whatever your sport of choice, Bern has a Head Protection option for you!


Brock Foam: The Bern patented Brock Foam Hard Hats are a new, multi-impact construction designed for comfort and protection. Don’t go unprotected ever again just because that old lid doesn’t feel right. The Bern Hard Hats are highly breathable, lightweight and best of all, they conform to many different head shapes and sizes. The Brock Foam used in the Hard Hats can actually wick moisture away from the head, giving it the “no sweat, no smell” quality that makes your Bern Hard Hat last for years longer than any other product. The most comparable products on the market today are the “2 Stage EVA Foam” lids made by companies like Pro-Tec and Triple Eight. Although the properties of EVA Foam are similar to Brock Foam in protection, they do not compare in comfort and weight!


What’s the Difference Between a Hard Hat & a Helmet? Simply put, a Helmet is protection against hard hits and a Hard Hat is a more comfortable option which absorb blows that could cause injury without protection. A Helmet is made to break apart on a potentially fatal impact and should be replaced after a hit, even if it doesn’t break apart. A Hard Hat can withstand multiple smaller impacts and can even soften these smaller impacts better than a Helmet, saving the headache! HOWEVER, HARD HATS ARE NOT MADE TO PROTECT AGAINST THE TYPE OF HARD BLOWS A HELMET IS DESIGNED TO PROTECT FOR. Bern Helmets with EPS or ZipMold Foam, are certified for Bike, Skate, Snowboard & Ski sports. Hard Hats are not certified for these sports… Bern H2O Hats Hats meet CE 1385 standards for water sports. Bern Hard Hats use a soft, more comfortable, more breathable Brock Foam and a much thicker ABS outer shell. Bern Hard Hats are a new alternative to head protection for action sports… the closest feel to not wearing a helmet!

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Dimensions 12 × 9 × 9 in




Grey w/Neon Green Brim, Yellow, Black, Grey


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