Lesson Info

We’re delighted by your click!  If you’re here, that means kiteboarding holds an allure for you.  We want you to master this extreme sport as quickly and safely as possible.  Kiting isn’t something you should learn on You-tube or from a buddy.  Would you buy a parachute, strap it on and jump out of a plane if you’ve watched a few Youtube videos?  Kites can pull in excess of 800 lbs. and simply “letting go” isn’t an option when you are harnessed in.  We use specialized equipment and techniques specifically designed for teaching like two-way radio communication so that we can easily talk back and forth with our students during lessons which accelerates the learning process.  That’s the advantage of lessons: you’ll stay safe and you’ll learn efficiently.  With the right guidance, the sky’s the limit.  Let us walk you through how our lessons work.  

  • We get you registered for lessons and a spot on our lesson roster. It’ll begin with a questionnaire that helps us learn more about you, your experience, your schedule, availability and any gear needs.  
  • We follow the forecasts 24/7, determining the right conditions for your level, and then work diligently to align your schedule with the wind.   
  • Ground school, safety and orientation to the kite and The Great Lakes.  For those with experience, we assess where you’re at, fill in any gaps, and continue with your higher education.  
  • Kite control, kite control, kite control!  Practice makes perfect. Subsequent lessons are all about becoming comfortable with the kite and graduating you from smaller to larger line lengths and kite sizes.
  • Body-dragging—once you’ve mastered how to control the kite, we immerse you in the water and teach you how to use the kite and the wind to propel yourself. This will be your first step towards actual riding. 
  • Board Water Starts and Riding—no one ever forgets riding their first fifty-feet.  We teach you the basic choreography of standing up on the board and then work with you on how to combine everything you’ve learned to become a safe, self-sufficient, confident kiter. 

And remember, we teach year around and the fun isn’t limited to the water!  Let us know if you might be interested in landkiting… be it scudding, landboard or buggy… or even snowkiting and we’ll get you set.   For more info, click here.