MEGA FixMyKite F-One Kiteboard Kite Bladder Self Stick Straight One Pump Repair Valve


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This F-One Straight valve is the Original Factory Valve that is on your F-One kite’s Struts for the one-pump system.  It’s made with TearAid, the #1 Bladder patch material and these can make you feel good to have it because it will work on ANY bladder whether Poly-urethane or plastic, Clear or Orange. 

MEGA valves use a larger, 4″ Tear-Aid patch for repairs that need the patch to cover a larger surface area… such
as when removing the old valve isn’t possible without damaging the bladder surface underneath and the old valve needs to be cut out, leaving a larger hole in the bladder to cover.

These Self-Stick-Valves will stick on all bladders.  Simply peel and stick to make a fast and easy repair or adhere it to any new bladder. This package includes everything you need to make a fast and permanent repair.  All this with made in the USA quality!


  • F-One Straight One Pump Valve (MEGA 4″ Patch)
  • Alcohol Wipe
  • Detailed Instructs


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