HQ4 Hydra 350 Kiteboarding Closed Cell Foil Water Trainer Kite


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Learn to Kitesurf with the HQ4 Hydra 350 – Train on the Water


Over 70 % of the earth’s surface is covered by water – now you can train on it.

With the Hydra, HQ4 has developed a fully water-ready trainer kite, which is second to none. The revolutionary Closed Cell Technology makes it easy to take off and land on the water. A valve system and a waterproof zipper effectively prevent the ingress of water. The shape of the Hydra does not allow for loss of performance and has enough power to pull you through the water during initial bodydrags.

The Hydra does not overwhelm beginners and supports you in concentrating on the essentials!

The HQ4 Hydra 350 can be used for many applications!

  • Kitesurfing training on the water or land
  • Bodydragging
  • Downwinders with tubes, boards, kayaks etc


  • Reduced scale
  • Improved cell structure
  • New intake valve system
  • Improved aerodynamics
  • HQ4 Hydra 350 Kite
  • Kitesurf Bar (50cm) & Dyneema Kite Lines
  • Cool Big Zipper Kite Bag
  • Manual



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