Lessons – Ready to Dive In Registration Rates

Thank you for your interest in diving into kiteboarding! It’s one of the most exciting decisions you’ll ever make. Kitesurfing rejuvenates the mind, body and spirit.

All the kiteboard lesson info and everything you need to register for individual lessons is on this page!

If you have questions or would just like to chat before committing to lessons, feel free to call or email.

Scheduling is an involved process, and when it blows… we go! That’s why I do need students fully registered with an answered questionnaire, completed waiver and committed with payment. Once I have these three things, your place on the lesson roster will be secured and the scheduling process begins.

For a refresher on our school and how we work, click here.

Below are the local kiteboard lesson rate packages:
• Lesson by the hour: $150/hr
• 4 hour lesson block: $580
• 6 hour lesson block: $840
• 9 hour lesson block: $1170

Gear rental is as follows:
• $40/session for harness/floatation vest/helmet rental
• $80/session for kite/board rental (you will be allowed to apply kite/board rentals back to the purchase of new kite/board gear, at 100%, within 3 months of starting lessons!)

The larger lesson packages are broken up into multiple days. The advantage of the larger packages are the discounts. Most grab a 9 hour block which is the best deal.

All beginner lessons commence on land. If you plan to continue on water, you’ll need proper water wear for kiteboarding in Lake Michigan conditions. You might be more comfortable in a float vest and harness fit specifically to you but you can also rent a standard school vest and harness if you choose.

If you opt to buy instead of rent a harness and vest, I can guide you on proper fitting and provide direction on the necessary water gear for keeping you safe and comfortable on the Great Lakes.

Chicago offers exciting kiting all four seasons. We can kiteboard the windy days away on the water as late as Thanksgiving and we can get out there as early as February/March, weather depending of course. And in between we’ve got snow and landkiting! Suited up properly, even on the cold days when the last thing on Chicagoans’ minds is hitting the beach, it will truly, in your soul, feel like the Bahamas, right in your own backyard!

Let’s get you registered!

Below is a link to the questionnaire. Many of the questions that you may have for me I’ll be better able to answer once I have your info from the questionnaire, so feel free to submit it, even if you’re not ready to commit to lessons.


I will also need you to complete and submit this waiver.

We’re almost there! The only thing left is choosing your block and submitting payment.

If you already know how much time you’d like to secure, contact me and let me know.

Otherwise, I’m glad to help you choose, once I’ve reviewed your questionnaire.

Let’s get off to a flying start, WindyCity style, in this awesome sport!

With Enthusiasm,

“Kiteboard Mike” Szromba
IKO Certified Instructor