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The Kiteboarding Tricktionary – Twintip Supreme Edition contains theoretical knowledge, as well as pretty much all possible freestyle moves for beginners and advanced riders.


Like in all Tricktionary products, the Kiteboarding Tricktionary in the Twintip Supreme Edition delivers highest quality in all areas.

The original Tricktionary team around Michael Rossmeier was supported by the two main authors, Julian Hosp and Thomas Burblies.

Professional kiteboarders from different countries, disciplines, supported by various brands, perform precise movements with best possible style, in order to make it possible to analyze, visualize and describe the movement in detail.

Contain 3 main categories:

Superbasics – Built as a reference for schools and teaching, and providing advanced kiteboarding techniques for all riding levels and styles.

Airstyle – Also known as Oldschool, is hooked in jumping, flying and sliding.

Newschool – Also known as Wakestyle, contains unhooked moves, starting with Raileys and Rolls until very complex handle passes.



  • Instructional kiteboarding book for ALL riding levels
  • Focus on 4/5 line tube kites and twintip/bi-directional kiteboarding technique
  • 424 pages
  • Hardcover
  • English language




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