Stand Up Paddle SUP Tricktionary Book

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Created with input of the best coaches and athletes in the world. The most comprehensive collection of SUP technique ever. A beautiful, printed hardcover book, with an unbelievable amount of photos and illustrations. Designed for every level, beginners, intermediates and even pro’s! Main chapters:Basics, Advanced Paddling, Racing, Downwind, Long Distance, Sprint, Touring, Adventure, Wave, Foil, Yoga, Kids, River

Gliding silently over beautiful lakes or surfing the waves of the open sea. Going down rivers or flying over the water with a foil. Going for a short trip or a crazy adventure. Having fun with friends and family, challenging yourself and others in a competiiton, or simply enjoying some relaxing yoga. All of this is SUP!

Stand Up Paddle is an increasingly popular watersport which offers unique thrills, experiences, and a very special connection with nature. This relatively new sport has grown into diverse disciplines such as touring, race, surf, river, foil, yoga, etc. There are so many things you can do while standing up on a board with a paddle in your hands! Each discipline requires very specific knowledge that must be carefully and meticulously acquired. Starting step by step, we dig deep into every detail, show you the incredible diversity of the sport and, with the help of the best athletes in the world, give you all the tools you need to improve regardless of your level!

With more than 500 pages of explanations, tips and theory, illustrated with photos, sequences, diagrams and the best-kept secrets of the world’s best athletes, you’ll find the most comprehensive stand up paddle guide ever, offering very accurate and unique knowledge, whatever the level, whatever the discipline!

Author: Fred Bonnef

Finish: Hardcover

Pages: 528

Language: English

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