PKS Pro Flow V3 MEGA Kite Pump 24″ for Kiteboarding SUP


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The PKS Pro Flow V3 MEGA kite pump is the next ingredient for your successful kite session. This tweaked and upgraded version of the newest and best pump on the market is constructed with high quality components and measures 24″ from top to bottom, taller than the older 15″ and 18″ pumps, for up to 2.9 liters of air per pump. The taller pump is great for taller people or getting more air per stroke than other pumps. Internal friction has been virtually eliminated so this pump ensures effortless inflation time after time. With high grade, high quality shaft and piston seals, the PKS Pro Flow V3 pump will outlast any other pump on the market.

This newly engineered pump features a PSI gauge integrated into the handle, foam air filter to catch sand, new premium extra-durable and flexible hose, pump adapters for standard 9mm inflate as well as larger boston screw valves, ergonomic handgrips and foot base, and kite tether.

The pump can be changed from double to single downstroke inflation using the easy-twist switch on the back of the pump. The single stroke feature is great to top off your kite or to avoid back strain on the upstroke.

The PKS Pro Flow pump isn’t just our favorite pump, it will be your new favorite pump too!


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