Spleene FABFOIL Freeride Set 90

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Freeride Wing surface : 705 cm²
Mast height : 90 cm

Complete foil set including hardware

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The new foil dimension!

Take off with the SPLEENE FABFOIL and glide silently over the water…

It is the all-round foil for freeriders, beginners and light wind freaks.

The new flow-optimized design carries you early and long. Steering impulses are implemented immediately. Ease of turning and agility make even tight radii a playful manoeuvre.

The highlights of the SPLEENE FABFOIL

Solid construction and materials

The base plate, the mast and the fuselage are CNC milled with the highest precision. The black anodized aluminum ensures a long service life with an optimal weight/stability ratio. The wing (front wing), the tail unit (back wing) and also the stabilizer are made of G10 – for maximum strength and stability.

Streamlined shape

The SPLEENE FABFOIL has a very thin hull to create minimal drag. The advantage: early kiting even with extremely little wind. The shape of the wing and tail are hydrodynamically optimized and create very little turbulence, especially at the wing tips, which ensures more speed and better controllability.

High turning ability and stability

The SPLEENE FABFOIL is characterized by a direct driving experience and high maneuverability. It immediately invites you to try new moves and tricks. When jibing and tacking, you’ll appreciate the high stability.

Wing and mast variability

The SPLEENE FABFOIL comes standard with a 90 cm mast and the freeride wing. In addition, you can purchase a light wind wing – for the lowest wind range and a lot of surfing feeling – and the race wing for speed fanatics. With the mast you have the option of getting the 60 cm short mast, this is perfect for getting started or for shallow water areas.

Additional information

Weight 9.2 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 14 × 2.5 in


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